2020 at a glance

25 January
New Year Concert

14 March
Spring Prom

16 May
Carmina Burana

27 June
Poet as Hero

26 September
Four by Four

14 November
Prom Here to There ... and Back Again

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Dr Robert Aston
Dr Robert Aston

2020 Season

open quoteBolton Symphony Orchestra is the jewel in the crown of the town’s musical culture. With its very high standard of performance and varied repertoire, it draws supporters not only from Bolton but from a wide area of the North West. In a very real sense it belongs to the audience; it is your orchestra. Programmes are designed to suit all tastes, from contemporary commissioned works to the popular delights of the New Year concert.

The players find great music to be one of the most satisfying and rewarding parts of life and very much wish to share this with others. The orchestra works with other similarly motivated organizations, such as the Bolton Music Service. This partnership in particular has proved valuable in supporting and encouraging young people to come to know and love music. Young people under 19 are admitted to our concerts entirely free of charge.

The “Friends of BSO” is an active group of over 80 people who, recognizing the major contribution that the orchestra makes to the culture of the North West, support it in various ways, such as by sponsoring soloists. The orchestral members have developed close ties with the Friends, welcome them to come along to see how the orchestra work, and put on private performances for them. These are always convivial and greatly enjoyed by both Friends and performers.

On behalf of the players, I welcome you to our concerts and invite you to become more involved with the orchestra. Join the Friends (who are always available during concert intervals). If you have only been to our New Year concert, try some of the others. Bring your young people; it will cost you no extra and you will have a wonderful family experience of great music performed by one of the best non-professional orchestras in the country.close quote

Dr Robert Aston - Chairman